Launched in June 2008, HELLO!, an innovative boutique production company conceived from the creators of HKM, The Director's Bureau, and Cosmo Street Editorial. Hello! has a unique and diversified director roster that produces fresh, award-winning work for renown agencies and brands worldwide.

The company is made up of professionals in the Commercial, Feature Film and Television mediums. HELLO! is experienced enough to take on any production challenge, saying “hello” to each and every new creative opportunity that the future presents.

Michael Karbelnikoff

Executive Director Founder

Michael Karbelnikoff has been directing for 35 years and along with Graham Henman started HKM productions in 1980. He has directed commercials for most of the major agencies and brands all over the world as well as two feature films. Together with Mr. Henman they have started Cosmo Street Editorial, Asylum Visual Effects, The Directors Bureau and ALLDAYEVERYDAY. Karbelnikoff continues to direct and look for new ways to create entertainment in the digital age.

Graham Henman

Executive Director Founder

Graham is a Brit transplant who started out as a commercial photographer in the UK and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a directing career. It worked. In 1980 he co-founded the now legendary HKM Productions in his garage with Michael Karbelnikoff, which after 30 years, has been successfully rebranded as HELLO! He also co-founded The Directors Bureau and Cosmo Street Editorial with Michael. Graham has directed classic spots for many leading brand names in his long career, earning him award after award. He continues to direct television commercials, manages the production company, nurtures the careers of his other directors, and always has an eye on the future. As advertisers explore new and more creative avenues to get their brands noticed, Graham has become increasingly busy in solving their needs, while creating greater opportunities for his directors within all of these new formats. Graham also co-founded Henman Guitars with his wife, a high-end electric guitar brand for collectors and tone junkies around the globe.

Lenny Beckerman

Head of Film & Television

In April of 2011, Lenny Beckerman formed a new partnership at HELLO. He has assumed the new role of HEAD OF FILM AND TELEVISION. In the new venture, Beckerman will generate development for both film and television as a producer. He will also continue to represent a growing, talented roster of writers and directors. Previous to HELLO. Beckerman worked at Anonymous Content with Steve Golin for 11 years and started the Literary Management Department. he served both as a Manager and Producer, representing high-end clients. Anonymous Content produced over 15 films while Beckerman was with the company. Those Films include ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF A SPOTLESS MIND, LAKE OF FIRE and Oscar Nominated BABEL and WINTER’S BONE. He also did stints at GALLIN-MOREY and ASSOCIATES and INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE MANAGEMENT (ICM).

Mike Brady

Executive Producer

Mike Brady joins HELLO as an Executive Producer with over 20 years of global production experience. At HELLO, Brady will help oversee all of the commercial business, as well as long form and content creation for agencies and clients. Brady started his career in Chicago, working on commercials and feature films – thanks to Hollywood’s rediscovery of Chicago as a great location. After12 years in production, he went over to the agency side working for McCann Erickson’s Detroit office where he gained invaluable experience working on several accounts for McCann including the GM Card, Buick, and GMC. He later returned to commercial production as an Executive Producer for Eggers Films/Atlas Pictures working on projects for Isuzu, GM, Holland America, AMG and many others.